Meet Kate

So the new baby is four months old and I finally got a minute to sit down on camera and talk about why I’m running.

Bad politics has really affected the lives of every person in this country.

I was spurred into running for a number of reasons, but largely because I meet so many people all the time in my area that I have so much in common with. People that have young children, people who have ‘good’ jobs and people who pay a lot of tax, but have very little left after all the bills are paid.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I will always seek out the best people to inform my decisions and make sure that the realities of life are brought into the public arena in a fair and representative manner.

We have a civic responsibility as voters and as citizens to make sure that the mistakes of the past are never made again. When you elect people to represent you, make sure that they do just that - and think about what sort of country you’d like to live in. The TDs we elect are the legislators and the ones we need to trust with keeping the show on the road.

The Choice is Yours!

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